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In-ground Spa and Hot Tub Service

Let Metro Pools take the work out of owning and hot tub or spa! We offer weekly and monthly spa maintenance services that include:

  • Make sure the tub is filled to the recommended level
  • Check the skimmer for debris and remove anything in there or that may be floating in the tub
  • Check chlorine, bromine and pH levels and add chemicals accordingly
  • Shock the water with chlorine every day the tub is used, but don’t use the tub until the water is clear and levels are normal.
  • Vacuum and brush the walls to keep things clean and to avoid the “tide mark”
  • Clean the filter
  • Keep the tub covered to keep debris out, to conserve heat and to keep the tub safe

It’s important to note that over time everyday products like suntan lotion and oil, and women’s makeup can cause build up in the water. Periodically we may have to drain, clean and then refill the tub. Contact us today at 216-741-9451 to get started.

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