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CommercialSwimming pool management services are a necessary consideration as a swimming pool owner. Metropolitan Pools can take the hassle out of pool management services by handling it all for you. As a leading full-service pool company, we offer a range of pool management services. Our pool management services include pool openings, closings, addition of pool chemicals, pool cleaning, lifeguard training, hiring, staffing and supervision, filter system maintenance, repairs and service as needed. Contact Metropolitan Pools to handle all your pool management needs and enjoy the luxury of knowing your pool is safe.

Pool Openings and Closings

One of the pool management services offered at Metropolitan Pools are pool openings. Spring is a time to look forward, filled with days spent by pool. But, before you jump in, make sure you have your pool opened correctly. Pool opening services including removing and properly storing swimming pool cover, checking that all pool equipment is in working order, and adding the necessary chemicals.

Likewise as making sure your pool opening is done correctly, you must make sure that your pool is also closed correctly for winter months. Metropolitan Pools also offers pool closing services to ensure that your pool closing is handled correctly.

Lifeguard Training

Another pool management service offered by Metropolitan Pools is lifeguard training. We partner with the Starfish Aquatics Institute to provide top-level lifeguard training and certification. Visit our lifeguard link to find out more information about our lifeguard training and staffing services.

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At Metropolitan Pool Service, we use a multi-layered approach to oversee daily operations at your pool. Our technique ensures that everything runs smoothly and there is always someone to respond to any issues that may arise at your facility.

Regional Pool Supervisors

In our personnel hierarchy, Regional Pool Supervisors are your on-site link to the MPS office. Regional Supervisors report directly to the Director of Management Operations and are able to address any concerns you may have. Some of their many duties include:

  • Oversee daily operation of the pool
  • Visit your facility at least 3 times per week
  • Perform weekly written inspections of your property
  • Conduct safety inspections of pool and pool equipment
  • Check to make sure systems are running properly
  • Notify our office when a service call is needed
  • Manage lifeguard staff and provide ongoing training
  • Communicate directly with designated property contact
  • Ensure smooth operations and complete customer satisfaction


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