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Pool Safety: Our Core Value

As a swimming coach, Metropolitan Pools founder Robert Matney was a strong proponent of safety, both in the water and out. When he started the company in 1961, he believed that customers would place a value on safety as well. That is why he began operations with the intent of training competent lifeguards to staff apartment industry pools. We have since expanded our range of services- all of them with safety in mind. Mr. Matney believed that for any pool experience to be enjoyable, it must first be safe- a core belief that is still Metropolitan Pools’ driving force today.

Training Qualified Lifeguards

Since our inception, Metropolitan Pools has trained and hired over 35,000 lifeguards. Our staff understands the importance of only entrusting people of quality and character with the vital task of protecting your patrons- people who comprehend the gravity and importance of their responsibility. We partner with the Starfish Aquatics Institute which utilizes the unique Starguard Risk Management Model and Starguard Aquatic Rescue Model in what we have found to be the most comprehensive of lifeguard certification programs. Our lifeguards are fully prepared to quickly spot and effectively handle any emergency and detailed supervision and regular safety audits ensure they stay at the top of their game.

Keeping Your Pool Environment Safe

Likewise, our swimming pool management services and commercial and residential pool services are engineered with safety first and foremost in importance. From maintaining proper chemical balance in pool water, to making sure pool equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently, to seeing to it that your pool is opened and closed properly for the seasons, we want your pool to be a safe, healthy, worry-free environment that can be enjoyed. For those who like to maintain their own pools, our two retail store locations offer a wealth of knowledge and carry everything you need to keep your pool environment safe. We even offer Starfish Swim School classes to teach people of all ages and skill levels to safely and confidently enjoy aquatic activities. When you choose Metropolitan Pools, you choose peace of mind- the safety leader in meeting all your swimming pool needs.

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