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Metropolitan Pools utilizes the fastest growing and best provider of lifeguard certification and aquatic risk management services. Over the years, we have had experience using other national lifeguard certification programs and we firmly believe that the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) provides the highest level of training, value, and ethical operations. We can, in turn, provide exceptional service to our clients.

Starguard Risk Management Model

Prevention Strategy. All the behind the scenes components in place to reduce the risk of patrons drowning or becoming ill or injured. Surveillance. Watching patrons, monitoring their behavior, and recognizing emergencies play a large role in reducing risk. Response and Rescue. Understand what needs to be accomplished and use best practices to respond to and manage an emergency. Emergency Care. If an illness, injury or drowning occurs, have a plan and be prepared to provide emergency care. Workplace expectations. Site-specific training, supervision and culture play a significant role in your future performance and ability to follow best practices.

Starguard Aquatic Rescue Model

  • Scan the zone.
  • Target the area with your eyes if you recognize distress or drowning behavior or if something unknown catches your attention.
  • Assess the situation and decide whether or not to take action.
  • Alert others with a whistle or other device.
  • Rescue the person; decide what action to take.
Audits Metropolitan Pools regularly conducts audits throughout the season to ensure our guards are ready to act when their skills are put to the test. We conduct both in-house and external audits. These external audits are conducted by the nationally recognized Starfish Aquatics Institute. In-Services We hold mandatory lifeguarding skills in-services periodically throughout the summer to keep our guards up to date on rescue techniques. When the time comes, our guards are always confident in their skills and ready to take action. BECOME A LIFEGUARD

Lifeguard Services

Starguard Metropolitan Pools knows the secret to successfully operating any facility is to first hire quality individuals. We maintain a staff of over 400 lifeguards each year and will provide you with a certified and highly trained lifeguard staff. Our lifeguards fully understand that being employed as a lifeguard carries a serious responsibility. We partner with Starfish Aquatics Institute to provide a highly progressive approach to aquatic safety.
  • The first training center for the Starfish Aquatic Institute ® in Ohio.
  • StarGuard® teaches skills that exceed the nationally recognized standards.
  • We have In-house Lifeguard Instructors and Auditors.
  • We teach and follow a strict Risk Management Model.
  • We follow Prevention Strategy, Surveillance, Response and Emergency Care and Workplace expectations
  • Our lifeguards are the most up to date with skills and knowledge because our program requires yearly recertification.
  • Extensive training: lifeguard skills, CPR for the professional rescuer, first aid, blood borne pathogens and AED
  • MPS also analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each staff member so that they are placed in the appropriate work environment.

Why Choose the Starfish Swimming Program?

The Starfish Swimming program allows you to teach people of all ages to swim for pleasure, fitness, or competition—and teach them correctly. It offers these benefits:
  • The swimming instruction system is ideal for all ages and abilities, including students with special needs.
  • It’s based on core competencies that are ideal for any teaching situation.
  • It produces results and satisfies patrons.
  • It’s easy to implement into any existing program, or you can start fresh with our step-by-step plan.

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